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Prolos is a CMMS or Computerized maintenance management system software. Prolos supports Field Service Automation, Asset Management and Vending, RFID tracking, Field sales, Stock and Warehouse Management and also includes RFID laundry management, with field work scheduling.

Prolos gives you the insight into device, tools, equipment locations and their condition and you will make sure that they work and satisfy the needs of your company and your clients, also with the help of remote data acquisition (M2M), through their lifecycle from acquisition to disposition.

It is an answer to the lack of time, the lack of resources, slow flow of information and a solution for the problem with task management. Prolos seamlessly connects all aspects of your business and ensures the best quality of work and services in the field or in business premises. Now you can schedule and plan future actions and resources, analyse the information, have faster business process, reduced mistakes and costs, have satisfied customers and profitable business.

With Prolos the management will improve and ensure the utilization of ongoing maintenance with the included work order management used by technicians.

As it is designed for maintenance scheduling, inventory and assets work order management, warehousing (WMS), collection of orders, sales, asset tracking, vending functions, etc, the preventive maintenance can be scheduled and automated, either one-off or recurring, and the work done also remotely where is no connection with the database.

With the business groups functonalities you can have all data centralized, yet separate work analytics, work and stock tracking. The built in RFID and Barcode asset tracking makes tracking of your equipment and inventory taking even easier.

Prolos runs on Windows desktop computers and notebooks, and as the Offline Mobile App on Windows Mobile 6.x and CE devices, Android and iOS smartphones. Grid view fully supports Data Editing and Validation, Grouping, Filter and Search, Sorting, Summaries, Row Preview Sections, Appearance and Conditional Formatting, Data Export in different format, Printing.

The web API makes it possible to connect and integrate with the ERP,CRM or other software, and the M2M services give you access to the status of your assets and therefore to anticipate potential malfunctions that you proactively prevent.

We care about your business effectiveness:

  • Asset management across multiple locations
  • Device, equipment tracking
  • Maintenance and other services scheduling, also recurring
  • Resource management and allocation
  • Material stock management, also in mobile warehouses
  • Mobile off-line software solution
  • Barcode and RFID usage
  • Customization and integration