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Our Software Solutions

Prolos seamlessly connects all aspects of your business and ensures the best quality of work and services in the field, warehouses or in business premises.

You can schedule and plan future actions and resources, analyse the information, have faster business process, reduced mistakes and costs, have satisfied customers and profitable business.

Prolos is an All-In-One software solution tailored just for you as a field service provider, vending operator, device or machines and other assets owner or maintenance company, as it is designed for maintenance, inventory and fixed assets instalation and removal work orders, for warehousing (WMS), collection of orders, sales, asset tracking, gas and water smart metering, RFID stock management.

Our primary focus is on delivering industry specific, end-to-end business management solutions, especially in field work sector, asset management and vending.

Fast Facts

Faster process
Higher productivity
Lower OP costs

About Prolos

Prolos is a CMMS or Computerized maintenance management system software, supports Field Service operations (FSA), Asset Management, Vending, RFID asset management, Field sales, Warehousing and also includes RFID laundry management.

You can forget about the lack of time, the lack of resources, slow flow of information and task management problems.

With software Prolos you will know where your goods and devices are, in what condition and you will make sure that they work and satisfy the needs of your clients also with the help of remote data acquisition (M2M).