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The ability to locate equipment is crucial when life-threatening emergencies happen. Therefore it is cruical to increase productivity of staff, quickly locate equipment, streamline patient services, improve maintenance and improve laundry tracking system.

By placing RFID tags on IV equipment, monitors and to wheelchairs, vests, helmets, RFID readers or RTLS system over WiFi note the location of equipment as it moves.

The complete automation of asset management delivers a major increase in productivity and improves the efficiency of the asset maintenance function. Hospital engineers can quickly and easily locate equipment scheduled for maintenance and can track the usage of maintenance material and reduce replacement costs. All of that affects the quality of work and helps hospital to maximize assets and minimize costs.

RFID tag is suitable also for a variety textile identification applications. The tag can be sewn onto clothing which enables the tagging of laundry  such as uniform shirts, pants and jackets, and can be also used for blankets, sheets, etc.

RFID  buttons are virtually indistinguishable from standard buttons, and can be sewn with the same stitching equipment and processes used for standard buttons.

Features and Benefits

  • Less Time to Locate Assets
  • Less Time Searching For Assets
  • More Maintenance Work Orders
  • More Time to Clean and Maintain Equipment
  • Efficient Equipment and Supplies Tracking
  • Asset Management and Tracking
  • More Time For Patients
  • Increased Staff Productivity
  • Less Time Taking Inventory
  • Reduced Capital and Operational Costs