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Prolos Vending module provides a wide range of vending solutions and manages all aspects of your business - fixed assets, locations, machine services, product usage, financials, telemetry, warehouse management, orders, routes, and much more.

Prolos Vending manages typical processes in business of any size. The real-time connection between the operators, technicians, salesmen and the headquarters allows routes to be optimized and to automatize the mobile warehouse orders and make communications faster and more reliable.

The full automatization of the activities reduces human error and engages the managers to concentrate on the analysis, growth and customers' satisfaction.

The Prolos Vending solution supports HACCP reports, counter readings, vending machine state and is compliant with EVA-DTS standard. It helps you with business and financial analysis and reports at any time.

Prolos allows sales and the creation of orders by scanning the barcodes or by hand search of articles in several ways, with the rapid entry of the quantity and the immediate transmission of data to the parent company for the production of relevant documents and warehouse goods preparation. It shortens delivery times, increases customer's satisfaction and lowers costs of operations.

Operators are able to scan money bags, collect the money and cashiers to count the money and transfer the data directly to Prolos Vending module from coin or note counters.

The data from vending machines can also be collected and processed by user friendly monitoring tool with telemetry hardware devices for the EXE and MDB vending machines, DDCMP or with DEX/UCS protocols.